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Inside you lies an ancient, wise place.
Let's source from it.

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"Working with Chrissy has changed my entire life. I feel like "myself" for the first time ever. She knows exactly what questions to ask to guide you back to your own wisdom, and is masterful at holding a compassionate, curious and non-judgmental space. I finally feel free to enjoy my life and take up space. I have so much more compassion for myself. And she's hilarious too. If you want a fun, nurturing and knowledgeable guide, Chrissy is your person."

- Hannah M.

I now offer sliding scales for financial accessibility and the option to choose the length of sessions and packages. If you would like to have a 'getting to know' you session before embarking on a longer journey with me, you can purchase an "Intro Session." We'll get to know each other, and you'll have an embodied experience of what it's like to go inner exploring with me. If you are interested in trying on a session with me, send an email to with the subject line "Intro Session" and let me know your availability for scheduling. Let me know your desired length of session, and what you're able to invest. Intro sessions can either be 60 or 90 minutes. I will then send you a questionnaire and find a time that fits for us both :)

Choose your preferred session length:


60 minutes or 90 minutes


Choose your exchange rate:


60 min = Sliding scale $125-$200


90 min = Sliding scale $200-$300

I accept Venmo or credit cards.  A 5% fee will be added on for credit cards.


For sustainable shifts, I recommend a minimum of 12 sessions to begin. I also recommend a minimum of 2 sessions per month to support with integration and sustainability.  However, I’m open to discussing different needs/frequencies and adjusting for more or less if it feels aligned. 

"Chrissy's style of guidance is both boundried and boundless. It felt safe, authentic and compassionate, things I felt I could never find in healing relationships. I'll never go back to the rugged individualism that ruled most of my life. With her support, I've reclaimed my intuition, the celebration of my unique athenticity, and boundaries that honor my needs. 

- Emily

I can't wait to connect ~
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