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 Do you desire to amplify the power and integrity of your gifts WITHOUT the self-sacrifice, self-doubt, and saturated schedule?
You're in safe hands, so buckle up!
Welcome to the space where ALL of you is Allowed.


If you're a Multi-Passionate Visionary, Creative, and Deep Diver

seeking a life that mirrors the depth of your Soul, come closer.


We're kin.

If you desire to design a life that honors the nuances of your nature,

to shift from auto-pilot to mind tingling, body quivering Aliveness,

and to feel deeply at home and attuned with your body,

then let's dance!

I'm here for your liberation.

"Before working with Chrissy, I struggled with navigating through tough emotions, allowing myself to be seen in vulnerability, and low self trust. Through her support, I learned how to take ownership of my choices, reconnect to my core values, and hold space for other people more affectively. I’ll never be the same because now I trust my intuition, I know that I am always held, and I know that in tending to my own wounds I am able to help others heal."

—  Jenn Fisher - Holistic Healer, Mama


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