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"Fulfillment begins when you stop trying to feel better, and become a master at feeling fully"

- Chrissy Marie

If you're a Multi-Passionate Visionary, Creative and Rebel

seeking a life that honors the depth of your Soul, we're kin.

I ADORE supporting humans like you shift from auto-pilot to mind tingling, body quivering ALIVENESS, design a life that honors the NUANCE of your nature, and take yourself  WAY less seriously.

If you'd like to explore more of the principles that guide my work,

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waking up with energy and clear intentions.

You move about your day with a sense of levity and spaciousness, delighted by what's on your schedule and the connections you'll make. Imagine feeling supported and clear with your needs, boundaries and desires. You trust that your presence is enough for every client interaction and you feel a spaciousness in your marketing and moment to moment self expression because it's not weighed down by shame or self-doubt. You're anchored in the wisdom of your breath and body, no longer ruminating in restless thoughts and compulsive planning. You don't carry other people's pain to bed with you and you know how to anchor back into a sense of Purpose when you feel restless. Your heart bubbles with the exact inspiration and instructions you need to birth the next phase of your creations. You revel in rest, absent of guilt, & find magic in the seemingly mundane. Your expression is magnetic, and your service is Profound.

Your play and your work tango like synchronized lovers.

The way you live your life IS your offering.

Are you here for this?

"Before working with Chrissy, I struggled with navigating through tough emotions, allowing myself to be seen in vulnerability, and low self trust. Through her support, I learned how to take ownership of my choices, reconnect to my core values, and hold space for other people more affectively. I’ll never be the same because now I trust my intuition, I know that I am always held, and I know that in tending to my own wounds I am able to help others heal."

—  Jenn Fisher - Holistic Healer, Mama


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