I trust that if you're here, there's some Magic we're meant to co-create together

I'm Chrissy Marie -  Full-Spectrum Human, Artist, Energy Medicine & Advanced Spiral Practitioner, Breathwork Facilitator, and founder of the Art of Aliveness Podcast. 

I come alive helping heart-centered and ambitious healers SLOW DOWN,

grow up their inner people-pleaser, take themselves way less seriously,

and PROSPER in their purpose work by making



My magick involves merging cutting edge emotional clearing work, spiritual teachings, embodiment practices, humor, and authentic relating skills to bring a safe, warm and lighthearted flavor to your maturation. I draw on my Trauma-informed trainings and background as a Clinical Social Worker, Behavior Specialist, and Transformational Leadership Coach. My clients will tell you that they come to me for my authenticity,

and they stay with me because we unlock their own.

At the end of the day I'm a curious critter with a crude sense of humor & a desire to connect, create and come Alive. You can often find me crafting at the kitchen table, having ecstatic dance parties at my steering wheel, singing and talking to myself, or hanging out in trees.

I trust that if we journey together, you'll get exactly what you need

I Specialize in supporting you:

∞ Take yourself WAY less seriously

∞ Establish a loving relationship with your Inner Child

∞ Amplify your Creativity, Intuition and Playful Self Expression

∞ OWN your Authentic Voice and the Power of your unique Medicine

∞ Magnetize personal Relationships that Honor Nuance & Naturalness

∞ Live from the spaciousness of Heart Flow vs Mental Masturbation

∞ Feel safe in your Body through Nervous System Recalibration 

∞ Stop re-traumatizing yourself with "Self-Improvement"

∞ Set Social + Client Boundaries without guilt

Tune in to this episode of my podcast to learn more about how I shifted from living in chronic anxiety and perfectionism,
to feeling deeply grounded, alive and on purpose.

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