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I trust that if you're here, there's some Magic we're meant to co-create together


I'm Chrissy Marie: Nervous System Alchemist, Guardian of Wonder,

and Guide of Playful Embodiment.

I come alive helping heart-centered and ambitious healers SLOW DOWN,

grow up their inner people-pleaser, take themselves way less seriously, and PROSPER in their purpose work by making PLAY & SIMPLICITY a Priority.

Cultivating Aliveness is both an art and a science, and you deserve a container that gets the nuances of both. My magick involves merging cutting edge emotional clearing work, spiritual teachings, embodiment practices, humor, art, and authentic relating skills to bring a safe, warm and lighthearted flavor to your maturation.  My clients will tell you that they come to me for my authenticity, and they stay with me because we unlock their own.

"Working with Chrissy was absolutely life-changing. She's an expert at getting you out of your head and into your body. I feel like myself again, like I came home to all of me. My anxiety symptoms disappeared, my tolerance for high-sensations increased, my creativity and business inspirations sky-rocketed, and I laugh at myself way more. I finally feel inherent worth and power without needing accomplishments or external praise to validate that."


- Annica: Artist, Energy Alchemist, Guide

My love, you came here to live your life as art, to marinate in spacious presence, and to trust in the gift that your natural, wild, FREE expression offers to this world.

I know what it's like to put society's version of "productivity" on my GPS and ride off into a storm-cloud of self-doubt, unsustainable service, and a bajillion personal development certs. Transformation, change, and success doesn't HAVE to be dramatic, chaotic and over-whelming to your nervous system. It should honor the nuances of your nature, and amplify your aliveness. You deserve to serve profoundly WITHOUT feeling ungrounded, or sacrificing fun, flow and freedom.


My Trainings and Experience:

∞ Advanced Spiral & Quantum Clearing Practitioner 

∞ Advanced Bio-Dynamic Resonance Practitioner

∞ Breathwork facilitation training with Jon Paul Crimi


∞ 200hr Yoga training with Coral Brown

∞ Masters in Clinical Social Work

∞ Behavior Specialist & Clinician

∞ Leadership and Embodiment trainings with Preston Smiles and Alexi Panos

∞ Over a decade in practice supporting humans deepen into raw, sustainable intimacy and aliveness in their lives

My Specialties Involve Supporting You:

∞ Take yourself WAY less seriously

∞ Healing your Inner Perfectionist

∞ Establish a loving relationship with your Inner Child

∞ Amplify your Creativity, Intuition and Playful Self Expression

∞ Magnetize personal Relationships that Honor Nuance & Naturalness

∞ Feel safe and relaxed in your Body

through Nervous System Recalibration 

∞ Stop re-traumatizing yourself with "Self-Improvement"

∞ Set Social + Client Boundaries without guilt

"Chrissy's style of guidance is both boundried and boundless. It felt safe, authentic and compassionate, things I felt I could never find in healing relationships. I'll never go back to the rugged individualism that ruled most of my life. With her support, I've reclaimed my intuition, the celebration of my unique athenticity, and boundaries that honor my needs. 

- Emily: Mental Health Practitioner, Energy Alchemist

At the end of the day I'm a curious critter with a crude sense of humor & a desire to connect, create and come Alive. You can often find me crafting at the kitchen table, having ecstatic dance parties at my steering wheel,

singing and talking to myself, or hanging out in trees.

I trust that if we journey together, you'll get exactly what you need


Grab a cup of something cozy and tune into my story of how I shifted from crippling perfectionism and anxiety to a much more grounded, intuitive and empowered inner landscape.

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