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Airing Out the House

Learn one of the most powerful & practical concepts that I offer my private clients to liberate themselves from mental loops. The one they say sticks with them months and years after working together.


This mini-course offers you a powerful path to bring clarity, connection, and calm to inner conflict. In essence, it is a permission slip to be fully human.  If you'd like to embrace more of your nuance and move from distraction to self-compassion, this course was designed with you lovingly in mind.

Peek Inside


• A Guided Meditation & Breathwork video designed to support inner balance, spaciousness, and compassion.

• A PDF workbook with spark notes, journaling space and little ritual ideas

• A community space where you can practice these concepts and watch them modeled for you

Turquoise Sky

Word on the town is...

“This exercise has helped me waste less time overthinking, and focus on what’s right in front of me in order to get unstuck and move forward. It keeps me in integrity with the wisest part of me too. It's like a breath of fresh air.”


Right now


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