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What if you could be of Profound Service without ever having to sacrifice Joy and Play?


I’m not talking about adding something to your to-do list.


You’re already doing the late nights & early mornings.

You’re following the rules & doing all the work.

You’re bending over backwards to make sure that you're completing your lists and making others feel cared for. 

What if there was a simpler way to do life and business?

PRISM is here to help you to simplify. 

LESS is the key to MORE.

You deserve to live Spaciously.

To  move  &  Serve at the pace of

Reverence, Joy & Delight.

I know that being The Responsible One has served you in your life.


You've been the "YES" person in your relationships, and its offered some form of connection, success and purpose. But if you're finding that more days than not you're feeling over-loaded and reaching for anything to "take the edge off" and unwind, it's time to be honest with yourself:


Being the Responsible One is actually hindering you.



As part of being a full-spectrum human, I’m also a Generator in human design, a Capricorn sun, a daughter of the West, and the oldest of 5 siblings, which basically means, my Achilles heel is a deep & dirty kink for over-achieving, knowledge consumption, and supporting others at the EXPENSE of prioritizing rest, intuition & play. Growth and service have always been core orientations of mine. Ever since I was little I knew I was literally DESIGNED to expand. I could sense that there were different ways of relating than the ones that governed my childhood, & that spark of curiosity spurred me into the wild west of self-study.


What I DIDN’T know until much later though,

is how trauma impacted my nervous system and what my body needed in order to alchemize it. I didn’t know that my ancestral lineage held forgotten wisdom about embracing slowness & simplicity. I didn’t know that when the West was colonized, MORE consumption became the gold standard, MEASURABLE became what’s credible, & GROWTH became associated with conquering anything that felt inconvenient, unpredictable, & nuanced.


So that’s how I approached my growth:

By getting my masters in social work while working 2 jobs & volunteering at an unpaid internship, jumping from one certification to the next, devouring spiritual book after book, & wondering why it never felt enough. Why I was frequently nauseous. Why I felt a constant overlay of anxiety, heartburn, & physical tension. It was common for me to completely write off any given day as a “failure” if I didn’t check all the boxes of my morning routine or if I reached for a substance to cope halfway through. The goal was always to feel BETTER vs. to feel FULLY. Any nervous system resistance or sticky emotions felt like something to be conquered, not cooperated or conversed with.

I’d constantly over-analyze my decisions.

My creativity felt stifled.

And the clients and work I once loved began to feel like a burden.


Ironically, trauma is triggered when something happens “too much, too fast, too soon.” I didn’t realize that I was RE-traumatizing myself with my approach to growth and service, shoving things on my plate with the mantra of a colonizer:  “MORE.  FASTER.  BETTER.”

It wasn’t until I found a mentor who taught me how to nurture my nervous system & take myself way less seriously that I started to feel safe, intuitive, and enough in my body again. I developed a deep sense of inherent competence, & a faith that profound wisdom would always whisper to me in the silence, simplicity, and play I learned to prioritize for myself.

I know what it’s like to chronically worry if you're doing enough,

if you're honoring the fullness of your potential.

Today, it is without fail that my private clients come to realize what they actually need to serve powerfully WHILE feeling inner Freedom & Aliveness is SIMPLE.


They end up setting powerful boundaries, putting down the courses they bought out of scarcity, consuming way less, & playing with their creative genius more. Their lives feel much more meaningful, their vitality flourishes, & their service becomes even more profound.


However, what’s simple is not always what’s easy when our nervous systems have been conditioned to feel unsafe with LESS.


This is why this work is Revolutionary.


Because simplifying, slowing down, & reclaiming our ancient wisdom is a key part of what’s needed in order to liberate ourselves from these old standards of "Breadth" at the expense of thriving & serving through Depth.


I used to get off on putting more things on my plate.


Now I get off on putting things DOWN and deepening into what's left.


And you can too.


You move forward by doing what seems counterintuitive:


Slowing down, grounding into your intuition, and prioritizing PLAY in your work.

Play is Perspective.
Play is Productivity.
Play is Power.

Play is not always an activity.

“I’ve started really owning my magic as a healer and taking on new clients. I’ve gotten invited onto 3 podcasts, and my current relationships are all getting deeper and more authentic. Now I have the ability to laugh at myself and not be so SERIOUS about things…If you had asked me two years ago if I saw myself here, I wouldn’t know what you’re talking about. I’d tell you you’re crazy. And here I am, happier than I’ve ever been.”

—  Alyssa Meizoso: Jewelry Artist, Bio-Dynamic Resonance Practitioner

The opposite of play isn't work & responsibility.
It's a dulling of the Spirit.
A dampening of your Power & Capacity to Seduce Life.

The focus of this private mentorship is on:



This element is about Re-defining and Re-discovering what your most organic + natural relationship to play is. We'll work on collapsing comparison in your energy patterns & discover / amplify your unique Play Personalities. Play will become a lens that you work and process through, not another thing you need to do (unless of course, you want to ;)


Radical Relating


This element is about unearthing and “un-looping” the roots of your resistance to meeting high sensations FULLY, both those that feel pleasurable and those that feel wildly uncomfortable. We'll excavate and liberate your relationship to Control, Surrender, Rest and Responsibility, and you'll develop an intimate connection with the different layers of your Inner Child. We'll also start integrating "Shadow Play," a wildly witchy & transformative process of bringing humor and play to the parts of us that want to sabotage Presence, Joy, Flow and Connection.  


Intuitive Nurture


This element is about developing a deeper relationship with your body, nervous system needs, and intuitive voice. You'll become very clear on what you personally need to create calm & connection within. We'll also work on cultivating a more convicted relationship with your Wiser Self and your Inner Nurturer.  As you deepen into meeting the needs of your inner child, we'll be training your nervous system to embrace process, faith and unpredictability. You'll create a personalized map for your nervous system to anchor back in Love & purpose, regardless of circumstance.

Sacred Simplicity

Boundaries. Boundaries. Boundaries. We'll cut through the noise and support you in discerning what’s ESSENTIAL for the maturation of your Inner child, Intuition, and business.  You'll continue to release patterns of over-thinking, over-complicating & over-consuming. As you develop a closer relationship with your Wiser Self, you'll begin to taste what it feels like to hold a level of competence that rests in your relationship to Higher Intelligence & the work you're embodying. Your self trust will deepen, and you'll be drawn only to whats Essential for alchemy in any given moment. It will become easier to marinate in the mundane & find Joy in the "little things" by developing simple, efficient "Presence practices" that train your brain to feel curiosity, wonder, and kinky delight.


Magnetic Resonance


This element is about taking the inner compassion & conviction you'll develop and radiating more of that into your relationships and business. In essence, you're deepening your relationship with the quantum mechanics of synchronicity. The liberated embodiment of your desires, Joy and self-acceptance will become your most powerful, magnetic service partner. As you create a cooperative, lively community between all your inner layers, your expression will become more bold in that it is more NATURAL - less forced, edited and compressed. The clients, relationships and support systems that are ready for you WILL show up when you meet and radiate yourself full-spectrum.

Abandoning & fearing Joy is the old way.
You deserve a revolution that Optimizes your Potential through Play.

“The way that Chrissy works is so liberating and light and the energy she works with can take you to another level. I can finally OWN my psychic abilities and really believe and trust in them.  I’m able to do things I never thought possible in my shamanic practice! I’m trusting in the trajectory of my life for the first time rather than needing an accomplishment to know my worth.”

—  Clare J - Psychic Shamanic Medium


—  Name, Title

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What are you ready to Receive?

PRISM  (The Revolution)                           

PRISM (Total Recalibration)

Which one feels like the best support for you?

16 ninety-minute private sessions that initiate you on the PRISMATIC path. These involve revolutionary energy clearings, intuitive guidance, and somatic embodiment work. Sessions may include breathwork, ceremony, movement, toning, and creative games. These sessions are held weekly over the course of four months (with flexibility for integration and life change considerations)

As part of the mentorship, you also receive complimentary enrollment to my Voyagers membership, which gives you access to live bi-monthly transformational breathwork ceremonies around the new and full moons, and a video library of alchemical content to support with integration. I also make myself available to you for consultation and voice note/email  support  between sessions.

Pay in Full: $4,000
Payments plans available for 4 or 8 months

32 ninety-minute private sessions that initiate you on the PRISMATIC path. These involve revolutionary energy clearings, intuitive guidance, and somatic embodiment work. Sessions may include breathwork, ceremony, movement, toning, and creative games. These sessions are held weekly over the course of 8 months (with flexibility)


This is an advanced path where we engage in something called Quantum Reparenting, a process where we energetically collapse the triggers you hold around your mother and father wounds. It is a deeper nervous system recalibration that will revolutionize the way you balance masculine and feminine energies in your life & business. With this option you also receive access to the Voyagers community, and voice note/email support between sessions.

Pay in Full: $8,000
Payments plans available for 8 or 12 months



waking up with energy and clear intentions.

You move about your day with a sense of levity and spaciousness, delighted by what's on your schedule and the connections you'll make. Imagine feeling supported and clear with your needs, boundaries and desires. You trust that your presence is enough for every client interaction and you feel a spaciousness in your marketing and moment to moment self expression because it's not weighed down by shame or self-doubt. You don't carry other people's pain to bed with you and you've always got one foot anchored in a sense of Purpose. Your heart bubbles with the exact inspiration and instructions you need to birth the next phase of your creations. You revel in rest, absent of guilt,& find magic in the seemingly mundane.

Your play and your work tango like synchronized lovers.

Your life is poetry in motion

pain & pleasure alike.

You deserve to be deeply loved and expertly supported by someone who GETS the path & pitfalls of Revolution.

If your heart is calling you in,
take a deep breath,
apply here,
and let’s 

Your dynamic Power awaits.