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Align your actions with what makes you feel alive,


and activate the voice of your Inner Counsel.

Release imposter syndrome.
Nurture your needs.  Pour from a full cup.
Trust your Self fully



A state of being in which your choices and actions stem from the deep-rooted wisdom of your Wise, Centered Self. The Inner Counsel. It is marked by awareness, honesty, and a willingness to listen to our inner layers in order to restore harmony and clarity to our system.

The quality or condition of being whole or undivided.

A never-ending practice.

Inside, there’s a part of you untouched by fear. Anchored and alive, relaxed and refined, unencumbered by how others perceive it. It moves with intention, and deep, sultry peace, knowing with ancient certainty that its capable beyond measure. Rather than run from challenge, it welcomes it with a wink and a warrior’s spirit. It thrives in presence. Its cup is full.


And it lives in you.


It is your inner guardian, cheerleader, and sage. Your Inner Counsel. It always knows what you need to hear, and wants nothing more than to hold the parts of you that feel small and scared. It wants you to let it lead. Because to live in communion with this Inner Counsel is to live with a sense of meaning and direction.


This program is perfect for you if you're a
wellness practitioner or mentor who: 

• Have been feeling for a while that it's time to prioritize the practices that plug you into a sense of aliveness where you can access clarity and connection

• Have been struggling with imposter syndrome and procrastination, and desire a roadmap back to a sense of conviction in the power of your gifts

• Have said to yourself often, "I know what I need to do, I just struggle to do it."

• Value immersing yourself in intimate communities where members are engaged in introspection and intentional living.

• Are ready to significantly reduce the amount of distractions you've picked up over the last few years and restore a sense of spaciousness and clarity to your days.

• Want to experience more depth, compassion and connection in their personal and professional relationships


If you're self-motivated and know that with the right support you show up for yourself even more, then this space could be the exact catalyst you need to anchor in the embodiment of self-trust and integrity

"The upside of having yourself a Chrissy is that she is the combination of an energy alchemist, a therapist, a standup comedian, an endless invitation for play, and an absolute Jedi master at holding the wide range of rainbow that comes forth from your humanness. The safety and care within her container is unmatched compared to anyone I’ve worked with thus far. Frankly, her modeling this for herself and her clients has been paramount for me to be able to slowly build my own safety and capacity to actually sit with my emotions and feel them. It's like having a motherly sage like figure as your sidekick who just holds you and witnesses you JUST long enough for you to start holding yourself while you begin rewriting your programming."

- Cait H., Psychic, Mother, Artist 

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What You'll Receive

• 6 Months of Weekly Calls to support you in anchoring the practices that make you feel most alive.



• Teachings on how to use both science and spirit to rewire your whole being for self-trust and Integrity.

• Inspiring conversations and carefully crafted ceremonies that will renew your zest for life

• Personalized mentorship, 1-1 guided therapeutic experiences within the group setting, and communal accountability.

• Access to a private facebook group for sharing between calls 

• A gorgeous community of other creatives who are looking for a soft space to root in what matters most, and have meaningful conversations about the art of living in connection with the Inner Counsel

This is a small group offering that will be anywhere from 3 to no more than 6 people. I design this so that everyone gets individual attention. I strive for intimacy and intentionality in all my spaces. This offering is for people who crave the feeling of 1-1 support within a carefully crafted community.

- Two of these monthly calls will be mentorship calls where I will offer a short teaching, and then hold space for Q+A, personalized energy clearings, and therapeutic process.      
- One of these monthly calls will be an embodiment ritual where we will connect and commune with our Inner Counsel through breathwork and intentional movement

- One of these monthly calls will be an embodiment accountability call, where we will gather virtually to engage in our unique personal practices that help us create space and connect to the Inner Counsel.

“As someone who has experienced childhood sexual abuse, I've been hesitant to work with anyone. Sometimes coaches can force clients to move at a pace thats designed to satisfy the coaches egoic need to feel affective. Working with Chrissy was very much the opposite. She asked intuitive questions that allowed me to unravel what was beneath the tense energies coming up. I'm much more spacious with myself, and much less committed to expecting perfection."

~ Ini : Spiritual and Trauma Healing Guide, Mother
A little about me...

I believe that meaningful connection is the cornerstone of a fulfilling life, and I believe we need this both with ourselves and others. One of the things that lights me up most is creating tiny villages where members feel seen, accepted, and inspired as they grow alongside kindred hearts. I also adore supporting high-achievers create intimate connections with their inner community; not just their Inner Counsel, but all the other parts and personas that live within. My style of support draws from Internal Family Systems therapy, embodiment-based energy work, and the science of behavior change. After almost a decade of working with humans from all walks of life, I believe that the biggest shifts happen when we tune into the tiniest moments and open ourselves to the wonder and poetry of existence. Simplicity, efficiency, and spaciousness is what I aim to infuse my offerings with. If this feels like your desired pace, you'll probably love it in this space ~



Having a space where you can show up each week knowing you'll be celebrated, supported, and seen whole-heartedly.  A community where even if you come in feeling frayed, you leave nourished and inspired. You don't feel like you have to perform or be a practitioner. You can take those hats right off.  A place where you're invited to sink into spaciousness and listen to the wisdom that whispers when you slow down.

Imagine feeling proud of yourself more often. You start to root real habits of inner connection and you shame yourself less when you struggle. You have meaningful conversations with yourself and others. You develop a deep understanding of what you need when you're struggling. You curiously call on the clarity of your Inner Counsel to guide you back home. You show up for yourself daily, even in the tiniest of ways, and you really feel your roots growing, your heart opening, your mind slowing.

Integrity is not another thing to do or live up to. It is a gentle remembering of your Essence. A poetic reclamation of Self-trust. An unending practice of compassion. This is your invitation to let the power of community move you closer to inner harmony.


Because I love knowing these things...

Start date: Live calls will begin in March, 2024
Call times:
Tuesdays and Thursday in the early afternoon (EST)
Call lengths: Calls will go from 1-2 hours. Any teachings or ceremonies I hold will be recorded in case you have to miss a call.
Exchange: $33
Payment plan: $550/month for 6 months
Pay in full discount: $2900 (save $400) 

Hand in Hand Special:
Includes the program along with one private 75 minute session with me every month. For those that desire more time to process and explore with a guide.


If you have any questions, please email me at with subject line "Integrity."  If you desire to join, email me with your interest and I'll schedule a complimentary tea chat with you so we can get to know each other better!

I genuinely look forward to journeying with you.

With deep care,

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