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Your true nature needs room to breathe, to grow, to play ~



If you’re a multi-passionate high-achiever who desires less FOMO, stronger boundaries, and a calm mind, this course is your permission slip and roadmap for slowing down, settling your nervous system, & softening into discernment and deep, spacious living.

Do you feel most grounded and spacious when in nature?

Do you frequently feel the pressure of, "there's always something to do" but not enough time for what actually lights you up? 

Would you like to unlock the spacious power of nature inside you so that you can experience a sense of freedom and intuitive confidence regardless of circumstances?

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This spacious mini-course will give you the tools to:

  • Teach your nervous system and your inner child to feel safe and on purpose with more  s p a c e - I call this embodied minimalism.


  • Ask only the most powerful questions to discern if something should remain on your schedule or in your home


  • Learn how to use the forgotten wisdom of PLAY and humor to turn inner clutter into clarity

  • Express your boundaries using empowered, value-centric language

  • Fill your space with things that actually help you grow and feel alive.


  • Clear brain fog and harmonize your body's energies through energy medicine techniques


  • Design ritual around sacred space creation, and bring your friends and family into this process too!

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Your Instructor

For over a decade now, Chrissy Marie has immersed herself in the art and science of optimizing life through simplicity. She brings her background in embodiment training, behavior change science, and inner child healing to offer a holistic, dynamic approach to growth. She's especially known for weaving a unique flavor of playfulness into her instruction, which makes the material memorable, and more complex things digestible. She comes alive helping high achievers slow down, grow up their inner people pleaser, and prosper in their purpose work by making play and simplicity a priority. 



When you sign up, you will also receive access to a transformative guided meditation and Sacred Breathwork Ceremony that's designed to detox your cells of “busy-ness” programming, activate your intuition, and help you gather reference points for how delicious spaciousness can actually feel in your body.

One time course purchase


"Take Me to Outer Space"

(Get the course PLUS a 90 min. energy clearing and coaching session with Chrissy to bring you into deeper relationship with Spaciousness at the cellular and etheric levels)


($50 savings)


Frequently Asked Questions

How much time should I put aside for this course?

This is a self-study course, which means you can journey with it whenever it's convenient for you. In total, all the videos take about 1.5 hours to complete, but I recommend journeying this course slowly, watching 1 or 2 videos at a time and letting the content marinate and integrate into your life before moving onto the next video. (The Bonus breathwork journey is the only longer video, and you'll want to put aside 1 hour for that ceremonial experience.)

My schedule is hectic right now and that won't change for a while. How will this course help me?

The content is designed to be incredibly practical and applicable to people with busy lives. Many of the exercises can be done while driving, parenting, working and moving about your day to day tasks. The magic of this offering is that it supports you in developing a relationship with spaciousness from the inside out, so that no matter what your schedule looks like, you can relate to life from a more spacious, grounded and intuitive place. Often people will find that the more spacious they become internally, the more they receive insights around ways to shift their environment so that it begins to reflect their inner spaciousness.

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Cait, The Cosmic Hag

I no longer feel like I'm being pulled back and forth in a billion different directions. I’m engaging in hobbies I’ve never engaged with before and I’m feeling so much more joy in my life and pleasure and passion and motivation – everything that I’ve been really struggling with for a really long time is starting to come forward for me.

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Casey, Breathwork Facilitator

I like that it's designed for you to you create space in your personal circumstances. It’s not another thing to add to the to-do list. You can implement it in your exact current situation. Once I started doing this I started learning where I wanted to have more space. There’s wisdom just hidden within the frustrations of everyday life…and this really validated that for me.

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Shannon, Reiki Practitioner

I notice myself calmer in my quiet moments. I’ve had my insides pulling to get in touch with me and I feel more peace and relaxation with that. It was different too in that many of the courses I've taken, there’s been a lot of information but the person wasn't doing the exercises with you and showing you how it looks and giving you permission to get into it, move around and be silly. It’s awesome!

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