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We are a highly intimate virtual mastermind for Heart-centered Creatives & Healers who crave a Sanctuary that ignites Playful Self-Expression, Deep Soul Connections, Trust in Intuitive Guidance, & Permission to Be Human.


∞ Started Soul-Aligned businesses and took on paying clients

∞ Transitioned OUT of jobs that did not feel aligned 

∞ Cultivated the courage to lean into radical self-expression, share authentically on social media, and amplify their creative, sensual energy

∞ Learned radical embodiment and alchemy tools that they brought into their family and client relationships

∞ Significantly refined their ability to facilitate deep presence, listening and intimacy in group settings

∞ Learned how to have more pleasurable sex & radically authentic conversations with partners

∞ Developed consistent self-nourishing habits that come from an intuitive place vs. a sense of obligation

∞ Experienced a sense of "turn on" around managing money and investing in oneself

∞ Learned how to ask for exactly what they needed from clients, partners, family and the Universe

And MUCH, much more!



∞ You're an ambitious, heart-centered alchemist whose tired of lone-wolfing life and desires deep, nurturing intimacy with other womxn.

∞ You're DONE taking yourself so seriously and desire to activate the most PLAYFUL and ALIVE version of you.

∞ You're committed to detoxing from perfectionism, performance, and people-pleasing.

∞ You'd like to refine your space-holding skills and deepen your client and personal connections

∞ You're ready to unleash your WEIRD into the world and want a landing space to experiment with your wild, quirky, messy, and playful self-expression

∞ You'd like to integrate your Masculine and Feminine energies so that you become more authentic & magnetic in business, partnership and community.

∞ You're ready to be unconditionally loved, celebrated and embraced for ALL the stories, layers and forms of expression that you bring to the sanctuary


Jenn Fisher

Healer, Mama

Before joining, I struggled with navigating through tough emotions, allowing myself to be seen in vulnerability, and low self trust. Through the support of the Sisterhood, I learned how to take ownership of my choices, reconnect to my core values, and hold space for other women. I’ll never be the same because now I trust my intuition, I know that I am always held, and I know that in tending to my own wounds I am able to help others heal. To the women experiencing unleashed potential lurking, there is no greater force than women coming together. In this space, every subtly is celebrated!


Tayler Cappelleri

Chakra Artist, Reiki Master, Mama

Working with Chrissy was instrumental in
helping me find the courage to put myself out into the world as a chakra artist. Being in the sisterhood has taught me a new language, a way of verbalizing my thoughts without shame or guilt. I now have the ability to share my feelings COMPLETELY. I’m more direct in asking for what I need, I carve out more ME time to rest and reflect, and I’m learning how to GIVE and RECEIVE effortlessly. It’s like a virtual retreat whenever I connect with the women. They remind me that being a woman is a gift, and I learn so much about myself in this space! Give this gift to yourself. The benefits are immeasurable!

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Shaelyn Cataldo

Spiritual Guide, Sacred Feminine Leader, Journey Dance Facilitator, Mama

This online space has been life-changing. I’ve realized that there are other women out there that are as weird and quirky as me! I could bring ANY different part of me to the space. Sometimes I’d come in and dance in celebration, and sometimes I’d come in and snot and cry in my bathrobe. If I brought my rawest ugliest parts, it didn’t carry over for anyone. I could be that, and then in the next moment, I could be the wise priestess. I finally trust women now. My whole brain is rewired for trust because I had a space to practice it. I have two daughters and I didn’t want to pass on that old belief that women can’t be trusted. I get to do vulnerability, and I get to ask for EXACTLY what I want. It feels like I’ve lost my mind, but I’ve found my heart.



∞  8 Personalized Quantum Clearing Sessions with me that are designed to break loops of of trauma that you hold in your body from childhood and ancestral conditioning. These sessions allow you to raise your level of consciousness from root to crown and create enormous space in your system to deepen your embodiment of play, creativity, peace and connection.

∞ Unlimited Weekly Live support and connection Mastermind calls with the Sisterhood where you get to ask for whatever you desire (i.e. Additional coaching, Energy clears, Celebration, Witnessing, etc.)

∞ Access to our Private online space where we share stories, music, resources, celebrations, ask questions, and support each other in between live calls.

∞ Sacred Ceremony: 

Depending on what theme the group is journeying at any time, there will be live ceremony to support our process. These may include transformational breathwork, guided or free flow movement, and song.

∞ Monthly Masterclasses were we dive into the nuances of Energy Medicine, Embodiment, Womb Healing, Conscious Language, Boundaries, Values, Conscious Relating, Money Magick, and much more.

∞ Access to our library of masterclasses, replays of all our live calls, & you're grandmothered in to ALL future rounds of this Sisterhood

∞ LIFETIME connection to a network of powerful healers, artists, business women, mamas, and sisters who desire to see you THRIVE




Your 8 quantum emotional clearing sessions will be held once a month for 8 months. You and I will work out a time to facilitate these and you should block off at least 2 hours for each session.

You are not obligated to attend any of the live group calls. The weekly support and connection calls are anywhere from 1-2 hours long. Our monthly masterclasses are generally 1.5-2 hours as well. If you can't make these Live, they are all always recorded for your future viewing.


Once the new women for 2021 are enrolled, I will be communicating with you all to find call times that suite everyone's schedules. Call times are subject to change as time goes on.

All calls are held on Zoom and recordings will be privately shared with the group.


My intention with this Sisterhood is to create a community that doesn't "end". Your individual sessions are capped at 8, and your investment covers the cost of 8 months of masterclasses, individual support, and weekly connection/coaching calls. That being said, I will continue to facilitate weekly support calls and monthly ceremonies or masterclasses INDEFINITELY ... and you are grandmothered into these as part of your initial investment. My hope is that you find home in this space and invite in more sisters. It is a place to root your dreams, gifts and self-expression for as long as it nurtures you.



There are 8 and 12 month payment plans available for those who desire this.

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